Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Campbell Secures Dismissal of Numerous Felony Charges for Client Previously on Lake County's 10 Most Wanted List

Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Campbell secured a dismissal of all charges that had been filed against his client who was previously named to Lake County’s 10 Most Wanted List. Attorney Campbell’s client was charged with a Level 3 Felony, along with five lesser included Felony charges and a Misdemeanor charge. If convicted of the Level 3 Felony offense, Attorney Campbell’s client could have faced up to 16 years in prison. With the case now behind him, Attorney Campbell’s client is at home with his family and friends; free of the stress and anxiety caused by this case.

Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Campbell is an energetic, aggressive criminal defense attorney who has made quite a name for himself in recent years as a tough, no-nonsense advocate for his clients. Attorney Michael A. Campbell has won NOT GUILTY verdicts and has achieved numerous favorable plea negotiations, deferrals, and pretrial diversions for his clients.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney should be a tedious and thoughtful process. Hiring just the right criminal defense attorney shouldn’t be about finding the cheapest price; it should be about finding an attorney that you have confidence in.

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