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Mike has been extremely professional and diligent. I had contacted multiple lawyers in regard to my driving record and criminal expungement however I chose Michael Campbell because I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me. Since then I have realized that I definitely made the right decision. He has not only helped me get back on the road, but he has cleaned up my driving record immensely. As far as for my expungements, he never takes no for an answer. He has continuously gone up to bat for me and is dedicated to seeing my record cleaned. Michael keeps me informed in every step of the process and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer with a can-do attitude. - A.H.

Mike Campbell is a great attorney and has worked miracles in the courtroom for me. I highly recommend him to anyone who is going through the courts for either traffic or criminal cases. Thanks for everything you've done Mike! - D.W.

Attorney Campbell I mean what can I say. I talked to him on the phone through a free consultation he was extremely knowledgeable about the situation he stated what could be done and what couldn't be done and within 72 hours everything was cleared up my license was back active and valid. What I can say is that he calls back he answers his phone completely honest and upfront With his clients he's not just in it for the money. He's going to help people I see attorney Campbell going a long way in his field. Thank you so much for your help and I will definitely prefer you over and over again. - M.D.

My husband was in urgent need for an attorney so we called and consulted with Mike and hired him. I explained the situation to him, he responded right away and handled the situation in hours with no hesitation. We are in California and he was able to get my husband home quickly by sending the needed paperwork over. Mike was cordial, professional and took care of business. Thanks Mike! - M.H. & H.H.

I hired Attorney Campbell for a case that many had turned me away for. At first consultation he sat on the phone with me for 30 minutes or longer and explained everything that the court's would try to do and that he would do for me. No other attorney had done that for me. Upon hiring him, he not only kept my best interest in mind by informing me of different approaches we could take to the case and which avenues were the best route, he also cares about my personal life and made sure that the case we were working on was not interfering with it. After all was said and done, he got multiple charges dropped and I received minimal punitive action. Attorney Michael Campbell was the best decision I made this past year and the best decision that you will make as well. - J.B.



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